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Changing a URL on a Free Blog

**3 names for the same thing
URL = Domain Name = Web Address

In the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course, one of the requirements is to have masterkey or mkmma in the URL. If you already created a free WordPress blog, this is how you change the URL.

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The URL was not changed in the Menu of the free blog! You must change this manually!

Installing a Pop Up Form with Aweber

We are using the Optinpop plugin to install an aweber form on a WordPress blog… so it pops up once a day upon entering the blog.

This video assumes you have already installed the plugin OptinPop. Also, I edited the previous popup HTML page. You can download the source by going to and right click — look for view source. Then add your own Aweber javacript code!

Here is the video:

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