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If you are going to have a home business then you need to have a blog.

What’s a Blog?

If you don’t know what a blog is yet, that’s okay.  You are learning and as long as you are willing to learn, you are growing and moving toward your goals. GREAT!

A Blog is another name for a website.

So why are some websites blogs?  It’s actually just the name for the bones of the website.  The platform that makes the content read-able on the internet is a blog.

This blog is written on WordPress which is my favorite blogging platform.  It’s free to use.  It’s available to install on a custom domain name and it is highly customizable.  Plus, I am used to it.

Some people use Blogger or other blogging platforms.  I am not going to get in to any of those on this blog.  If I talk about a website or a blog it is done on WordPress.  I have very few websites that are not on WordPress.

So, why do you need a blog if you are going to have a business?

1.) So other people can find you

It doesn’t do any good to have a business no one knows about. Businesses need customers and customers are looking for you online.


2.) So you can give people great information

In today’s information driven world, people are looking for answers online.  What problem does your business solve.  What free information can you give away that will help your future customers see that you are trying to help them?

Most people who start businesses do so because they are experts in one area or another.  What are you an expert in?  Even if you are not an expert, if you know more than the average person, you are probably far ahead of the game.  Telling people what you know could help them and that could be the reason they decide to do business with you.

3.) So you can sell stuff online

Not everyone decides to build a store on their blogs.  Frankly, most don’t.  But maybe you will?

Even if you don’t build a store, with a blog, you can sell stuff with links to other sites like Amazon, Ebay or affiliate sites.  You can sell whatever someone is willing to pay for… as long as it’s legal and doesn’t hurt anyone.

4.) WordPress blogs can look however you want them to look.

I love how customizable a WordPress blog is.  You will too.  Start simple.  Add pictures, About Me page, Contact page, and more.  Have Fun.


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