How do I get webmail —

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You’ve got mail! You got

— now what?

You’ve got choices!

  1. You can go get it online at & sign in with your username and password.

  2. You can forward it to another email address that you check often

  3. You can set it up to download to your computer using the cpanel.

I am going to show you how to set up your webmail from your domain to download to your computer.

First, go to your cpanel by typing in into the address bar.  You will see the following:


Just put your username and password in that box and press “Log In”

Before you even get into the cpanel, you will get this pop-up asking if you need help getting started.  The answer is no. 🙂


Well, maybe you need help… but for now choose, “No, I’m fine. Thanks!” and this window will close.

Look for the box labeled “Mail” and then look for “Email Accounts” I have it circled here so it is easy to find.


Once you click on “Email Accounts” you will be inside where you can create email accounts and see the email accounts that are already created.  On the far right of the email accounts, you will see a “More” dropdown menu.  Click on the link that says “Configure Email Client”


This first part tells you that you can automatically configure the email to work with certain applications.  If you see yours in that list, try clicking on the automatic script.  If not, or if the auto-config does not work… move on to the manual configuration.


Your manual settings that you will be using are on the left.  I just blacked out the domain name and the port numbers… you need to get YOUR settings by following the above steps!  Go into your cpanel and set your email up to download to your computer or your phone!


Let me know if this tutorial helps you OR if you have any questions! 

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