WordPress Facebook Like Plugin Box is Hidden

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I went to my friend, Cyndy’s blog, Simple Effective Solutions and noticed that the box for her facebook sharing plug-in was messing up.


The box is supposed to be as big as that bigger circle… and most of it is hidden behind the text or lost when it is supposed to be open. I certainly can’t share her post with that plug-in! And the smaller circle is showing that the facebook share box disappears when you click on it.

Here is a pick of the WordPress Facebook Like Box before it gets clicked.


The name of the plug in is WordPress Facebook Like Plugin and it worked fine a few WordPress updates ago!

As WordPress updates, some plug-ins do not keep up. So it is necessary to search for better, more compatible social sharing plug-ins.

I have been using Digg Digg lately with this theme. It’s easy to install and it seems to work fine with the TwentyEleven theme.

The only problem I have with Digg Digg is that it does not show up on the home page when you are looking at all the blog posts. You have to click on a blog to read it and then you see the sharing options.

Check out a post at Cyndy’s Blog to see how Digg Digg looks!

I would love to hear what social sharing plugin you are using!

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