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Installing a Pop Up Form with Aweber

We are using the Optinpop plugin to install an aweber form on a WordPress blog… so it pops up once a day upon entering the blog.

This video assumes you have already installed the plugin OptinPop. Also, I edited the previous popup HTML page. You can download the source by going to and right click — look for view source. Then add your own Aweber javacript code!

Here is the video:

Download Core FTP Free

How do I get webmail —

You’ve got mail! You got

— now what?

You’ve got choices!

  1. You can go get it online at & sign in with your username and password.

  2. You can forward it to another email address that you check often

  3. You can set it up to download to your computer using the cpanel.

I am going to show you how to set up your webmail from your domain to download to your computer.

First, go to your cpanel by typing in into the address bar.  You will see the following:


Just put your username and password in that box and press “Log In”

Before you even get into the cpanel, you will get this pop-up asking if you need help getting started.  The answer is no. 🙂


Well, maybe you need help… but for now choose, “No, I’m fine. Thanks!” and this window will close.

Look for the box labeled “Mail” and then look for “Email Accounts” I have it circled here so it is easy to find.


Once you click on “Email Accounts” you will be inside where you can create email accounts and see the email accounts that are already created.  On the far right of the email accounts, you will see a “More” dropdown menu.  Click on the link that says “Configure Email Client”


This first part tells you that you can automatically configure the email to work with certain applications.  If you see yours in that list, try clicking on the automatic script.  If not, or if the auto-config does not work… move on to the manual configuration.


Your manual settings that you will be using are on the left.  I just blacked out the domain name and the port numbers… you need to get YOUR settings by following the above steps!  Go into your cpanel and set your email up to download to your computer or your phone!


Let me know if this tutorial helps you OR if you have any questions! 

Installing the Follow Plugin and SMTP mail in WordPress


Look in the bottom right corner of this blog for a working example

This plugin does not seem to be available from the site or in the plugin search.  If you can find it, let me know.  I think it has probably disappeared off the site because the author is not supporting it. You can download the follow plugin I use here:

Download the Follow Plugin zip file
(Install via WP Dashboard -> Plugins -> Install New -> Upload)

There is a follow tab/button in the lower right corner of every “free” blog.

follow subscribe

This is what the follow button opens up to.

When people subscribe, they get an email every time a post or a page is published. It’s a great feature for keeping your audience engaged!

If you have a hosted blog and you would like a follow button here are step by step instructions for the installation. FYI – I used GVO hosting in this video.

There may be minor differences if you have a different host…

The picture to the right shows what the box looks like when you click on it.  You can try it out for yourself on this blog.  Look in the lower right hand corner.

Happy blogging!!

Commenting on Blogs

This question has been coming up a lot.

When I read blogs and make comments it brings me on WordPress and each time I try to log in I get the message that my log in id or password is invalid.

This question usually comes from people who have hosted blogs…

And it’s not a problem at all if you realize the when they are asking you to sign into WordPress… they are talking about – Not your hosted blog.

Everyone who gets a Turn-key Blog through me has a text file with all the usernames and passwords required to set up your blog. One of those sections will say:

    Akismet / /gravatar(not your blog)
    username: yourusername
    password: yourpassword
    API key: yourAPIkeyforAkismet

The username and password from this section is what you will use to sign into “free” blogs so that you can comment and share.

You don’t use the username and password for your hosted blog for commenting on other blogs.
It will return an error every time.

If you are a DIY-er and you have a hosted blog, hopefully you set up a account when you set up your Akismet spam protection and your Gravatar. If you didn’t do that yet, go do it now. Use the web addresses above for WordPress, Gravatar and Akismet and set up your accounts at each of these places. Akismet is a convenient plugin that filters out spam comments and lets real comments come through.

How to Embed a Video in WordPress

Many questions can be answered by doing a search on Google or YouTube.

An email question came in today asking how to create a group on facebook and how to embed a video on WordPress so I created this video showing how to search for videos on facebook. My intention was to show that the answer can be found easily by searching… and I wound up making a video on embedding the video.

It’s a good thing too. This is a good time to mention that YouTube’s embed code has been messing up this week. On Monday I went to embed a YouTube video in my blog and it took me a while to notice that the http: is missing from the code.

I cover that in this video. You have to check for it when embedding YouTube videos until they fix this problem. FYI – I first noticed this on November 4th and I made this video on November 8th (2013)

How to Embed a Video in WordPress

I apologize for the audio in this video.  It quit working… not sure what was up. Maybe a plug got unplugged.  I put captions on the tutorial and put it up anyway.

Please comment or share if this helped you!