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Installing a Pop Up Form with Aweber

We are using the Optinpop plugin to install an aweber form on a WordPress blog… so it pops up once a day upon entering the blog.

This video assumes you have already installed the plugin OptinPop. Also, I edited the previous popup HTML page. You can download the source by going to and right click — look for view source. Then add your own Aweber javacript code!

Here is the video:

Download Core FTP Free

Plugins on the Turn-key Blog

Plugins We Install with the Turnkey blog 

What we do for the Turnkey Blog is in italics

Akismet – quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. This is the only plugin that comes installed.

We set up the Akismet account, get an API code and configure the settings.

Contact Form 7  A contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.

We set up a WordPress Page and insert the short code.  We shut off the comments for the Contact Page and we put it in your main menu.  We test to make sure it is working.

Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ it’s not easy to find a good sharing plugin.  I like this one.  It’s simple.  It’s neat.

We set it up so it shows Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest with counters.

Follow us on widget A Social networking plugin/widget where people can follow you on the social networks where you have an account.

We install links into the Follow Us On Widget:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, and RSS Feed.  We will set up Google+ and Youtube accounts for you if you do not have them set up. 

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Statistics on your blog, where people are coming from, where they are going and more.  Easily see your Google Analytics stats from the WordPress Dashboard. You will be able to see how many people visit your blog on the Dashboard of your WordPress Blog.

We set up your account in Google Analytics and save the tracking code.  In the WordPress Dashboard Settings, we get the access code and paste it into the plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps A sitemap to make your site more search engine friendly

We don’t do much set-up… but knowing to put this plugin in your blog is priceless to the search engines!  If you want to be ranked on Google, you need to have a good site map.

All In One SEO Pack Out-of-the-box Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress blog.

We set up the main page SEO with basic title, description and keywords.  We install the plugin so you can customize the  title, description and keywords on every page & post.

Link Manager Gives you the link category in the WordPress Dashboard

Want to add a list of Blogs or Websites you like to your sidebar or footer area?  If you don’t see a way to add links, it is because WordPress stopped installing the Link menu in the Dashboard.  You have to install this plugin (if you don’t know that, you are left scratching your head)

OptinPop Pop-up opt-in form,  create unblockable popup windows that can display the content of any web page you choose.
***  You must have your own Autoresponder account!

We recommend Aweber. They have high deliverability, and reliable servers.  Plus, my mentors, the World’s Laziest Networker and the Fab Davene use Aweber.

When you install Optinpop, you must know to change the name of the folder to “optinpop” via FTP or cpanel or the plugin will not work

We go to your autoresponder account and create a form that will collect names and emails of people who are eager to hear more about your offer. We  have a couple of campaigns you can choose from.  The 7 Day Mental Diet and 12 Free Video Skills.  We will also install a custom offer or campaign.

We create the webpage for the pop-up optin form in HTML and a thank you page for when the form is filled out. We FTP those pages to the root folder of your website.  We set up the size and the settings.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore Automatic or manual back-up

***Free weekly backup is included with Turn-key blogs that are hosting with or

We set up the bucket, the security key, the secret key, and we set up the settings so that the back-up happens automatically.  You can have peace of mind that your site is secure. 

WP Super Cache Very fast caching plugin for WordPress. Helps with load speed.

This is not a plugin… but it is a cool thing we set up for you!

Gravatar if you have a public profile picture available, I upload the picture at Gravatar so that it is set up for commenting on your blog and other WordPress blogs.

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If you are participating in the MKMMA – get your Turn-key Blog here (password is available in the members area)

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Trouble With TweetDeck

Part of this week’s assignment is to Tweet, get familiar with Twitter, and share other people’s blogs on Twitter and Facebook.

Mark J did an Awesome training on TweetDeck on Monday Night’s Digital Connections webinar!

I was taking notes and ready to roll out the TweetDeck.

Tonight, I was on the phone with another MKMMA class member and he was having some frustrations installing the software.

I said, “That’s something I want to do anyway… why don’t I do it right now and see if I can’t give you a hand!” Perfect. It’s the power of the Master Mind, whenever two or more get together, in perfect harmony, anything can happen.

Except when technology does not cooperate.

Here is what happened when I tried to download TweetDeck from


Anybody else having trouble with TweetDeck?