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Custom Menus in a WordPress Blog and Sub-Blog

In the MKMMA – Master Key Mastermind Alliance course we were required to have masterkey in the url of the domain where we blog about our MKMMA experience. Some chose to buy a domain with masterkey in the domain. Some others, like myself chose to add a sub-domain with a WordPress install or a sub-blog.

When you are working with two domains that are integrated, it is necessary to manipulate the menu structure so they continue to look the same when you add pages to either blog. We can do that in WordPress using the “Custom Menu” feature

Here is a short video showing you how to do that.

Custom Menus in a WordPress Blog and Sub-Blog

Trouble With TweetDeck

Part of this week’s assignment is to Tweet, get familiar with Twitter, and share other people’s blogs on Twitter and Facebook.

Mark J did an Awesome training on TweetDeck on Monday Night’s Digital Connections webinar!

I was taking notes and ready to roll out the TweetDeck.

Tonight, I was on the phone with another MKMMA class member and he was having some frustrations installing the software.

I said, “That’s something I want to do anyway… why don’t I do it right now and see if I can’t give you a hand!” Perfect. It’s the power of the Master Mind, whenever two or more get together, in perfect harmony, anything can happen.

Except when technology does not cooperate.

Here is what happened when I tried to download TweetDeck from TweetDeck.com


Anybody else having trouble with TweetDeck?