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Commenting on WordPress.com Blogs

This question has been coming up a lot.

When I read blogs and make comments it brings me on WordPress and each time I try to log in I get the message that my log in id or password is invalid.

This question usually comes from people who have hosted blogs…

And it’s not a problem at all if you realize the when they are asking you to sign into WordPress… they are talking about WordPress.com – Not your hosted blog.

Everyone who gets a Turn-key Blog through me has a text file with all the usernames and passwords required to set up your blog. One of those sections will say:

    Akismet / wordpress.com /gravatar(not your blog)
    email: yourname@yourdomain.com
    email2: info@yourdomain.com
    username: yourusername
    password: yourpassword
    API key: yourAPIkeyforAkismet

The username and password from this section is what you will use to sign into “free” WordPress.com blogs so that you can comment and share.

You don’t use the username and password for your hosted blog for commenting on other blogs.
It will return an error every time.

If you are a DIY-er and you have a hosted blog, hopefully you set up a WordPress.com account when you set up your Akismet spam protection and your Gravatar. If you didn’t do that yet, go do it now. Use the web addresses above for WordPress, Gravatar and Akismet and set up your accounts at each of these places. Akismet is a convenient plugin that filters out spam comments and lets real comments come through.

Moving a Post to a Page and Using All in One SEO in WordPress

Accidentally put what should be a page into a blog post? Want to move it over to a page? Pages are what populate your menus, either the tabs along the top of your WordPress Blog or the menus in the sidebar, footer, etc.

This tutorial goes over how to change a Post to a Page and also, how to use All in One SEO with your blog posts and pages.

Moving a Post to a Page and Using All in One SEO in WordPress

Custom Menus in a WordPress Blog and Sub-Blog

In the MKMMA – Master Key Mastermind Alliance course we were required to have masterkey in the url of the domain where we blog about our MKMMA experience. Some chose to buy a domain with masterkey in the domain. Some others, like myself chose to add a sub-domain with a WordPress install or a sub-blog.

When you are working with two domains that are integrated, it is necessary to manipulate the menu structure so they continue to look the same when you add pages to either blog. We can do that in WordPress using the “Custom Menu” feature

Here is a short video showing you how to do that.

Custom Menus in a WordPress Blog and Sub-Blog