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How to Embed a Video in WordPress

Many questions can be answered by doing a search on Google or YouTube.

An email question came in today asking how to create a group on facebook and how to embed a video on WordPress so I created this video showing how to search for videos on facebook. My intention was to show that the answer can be found easily by searching… and I wound up making a video on embedding the video.

It’s a good thing too. This is a good time to mention that YouTube’s embed code has been messing up this week. On Monday I went to embed a YouTube video in my blog and it took me a while to notice that the http: is missing from the code.

I cover that in this video. You have to check for it when embedding YouTube videos until they fix this problem. FYI – I first noticed this on November 4th and I made this video on November 8th (2013)

How to Embed a Video in WordPress

I apologize for the audio in this video.  It quit working… not sure what was up. Maybe a plug got unplugged.  I put captions on the tutorial and put it up anyway.

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